Fit as a firefighter

Welcome to my web site

Welcome to my web site.  This site was developed as a result of seeing my fellow firefighters die from cancers at alarming rates compared to the general public.  Knowing with a hundred percent certainty that a wellness program can make a difference, my goal is to present information that can be easily incorporated into your job or everyday life. In my Anatomy section I use analogies to fire fighting to describe the human body in order to demonstrate the significance of how a few changes can add up to big results.  In our city the average age of death of a fire fighter is about 15 years below the norm.  Fire Fighters die here at about 65 years old on average compared to the provincial average of about 79, this needs to change right away.

The International Association of Firefighter’s (IAFF’s) 5-part Wellness Fitness Initiative is at the heart of my information.  It was meticulously and painstakingly designed for fire fighters and deserves to be in every fire department, not just a lucky few.  The results of this program are long lasting with prevention programs on heart disease, injuries as well as cancer screening and other areas of concern.  The benefits of this program are significant improvements in fire fighter’s lives due to decreased injuries, both on and off the job as well as a safer return to regular duties.   These benefits result in cost savings to the taxpayer with less stress on the city budget.  However, these positive changes are only seen when a city fully implements all five areas of the IAFF’s Wellness Fitness Initiative and are committed to saving those who give so much and ask so little in return.  So find out if your City Officials and Firefighter Representatives have implemented this program and what you can do to help initiate the process if it is lacking.  You can click on the side bar “City Presentation” to see what I have presented to our city in the summer of 2009 and see just of few of the startling figures and proof needed to get this going.

Whether you are a fire fighter or want to be “Fit as a Fire Fighter” this wellness initiative can be easily integrated into your life, using the five areas as a template to keep yourself healthy, not only for you but for your loved ones.

Take care and stay safe.

Dr. Scott Miller D.C.
Training Officer
Ottawa Fire Services