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Fit as a firefighter

About Dr. Miller

Dr. Scott MillerDr. Scott Miller D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) has been a fire fighter in the city of Ottawa since 1989. He has worked at heavy rescue, haz-mat, water rescue and high angle rescue stations. He has acted as a Safety Officer and recently spent a year in the Training Center helping teach 44 new recruits but is now back on the floor firefighting. Dr. Miller is presently a First Class Firefighter on a rescue pump and was able to return to firefighting duties thanks to the incredible work of back surgeon Dr. Don Chow who is the team Physician of the Ottawa Senators and many fellow firefighters.

In 1998 with the organizational and emotional support of Chiefs, Officer’s and fire fighters, he attended New York Chiropractic College.  After four years of working in Canada at the fire hall on weekends and completing his midweek studies in New York, Dr. Miller passed his American and Canadian Chiropractic Board Exams.

Since graduating Chiropractic School, Dr. Miller has taken numerous Chiropractic related courses as well as health and wellness courses for fire fighters. In 2006, he attended the International Association of Fire Fighter and the International Association of Fire Chief’s Peer Fitness Trainer Course (PFT) and was certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  In 2007, the Phoenix Fire Dept had its 19th Health, Fitness and Safety Symposium and he completed the Fire Surgeon’s Certification Course.

 In 2006, Dr. Miller attended the City of Ottawa Public Health’s “Developing Physical Activity Policy/ Programs in the Workplace”.  This enabled professionals to share information from all levels of government alongside the private sector to develop and implement Wellness Programs.

Dr. Miller continues to focus on topics related to the health and wellness of fire fighters. This website is part of his dream to pass on information to fire fighters on ways to live healthier, safer and longer lives.