Fit as a firefighter

Why do fire fighters need a wellness Plan

So how do you keep yourself alive and healthy?

You need to convince your city to implement a wellness program and this website is designed to inform you about a model that already exists through the International Association of Firefighters to help accomplish this goal. It is based on five areas that are outlined in this website. If your city does not have a Wellness Program and refuses to support one then you need to at least start one for yourself. Choosing one or all of the 5 areas to work on, you need to start getting the care you deserve.

The IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters) and the IAFC (International Association of Fire Chiefs) have already got together and realized that this kind of program not only saves lives but also saves the city money. They have taken it on and endorsed it together as a joint labor and management initiative. That is the reason the program is NON PUNATIVE meaning you choose to take part in it without fear of loosing your job. It is to keep you safe for your family and it is strictly confidential.